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Button Palace was established in the year 1986. It is the first industry in Nepal to produce buttons and handicrafts items from domestic animals’ bones and horns.

Button Palace manufactures and exports abroad more than 7,000 exclusive hand made buttons and other handicraft items from the waste materials such as bones and horns of animals, coconut-shell, peach seed, dried twigs and branches, bamboo etc.


Mrs. Laxmi Sharma, the proprietor who comes from a simple family, started the industry. She began her earnings also as a temp driver (infact the first woman tempo driver in Nepal). She has worked as a housekeeper of Diplomatic residents. Now, she is voluntarily involved with some organizations working on environmental issues and animal welfare in the country. In 1986, she established Laxmi Wood Craft Udyog (LWCU). 

Within 18 years, the industry has self-sustained individually and has also been introduced internationally, in fashion industry (especially in natural hand-made button sector)


Button Palace has grown into an international exporter of handmade buttons, handicrafts, art carving, fabrics, and many other items. We are the leader exporter of these products on the global market.

Wisdom and business culture of our founder Laxmi Sharma and hard work of our employees gave us international acclaim and success. We have received numerous awards and letters of appreciation from famous people and organizations. Brands such as Apple, Zara, Gucci, and Ralph Laurent are our regular clients. Nowadays, we employ thousands of people in our offices and factories. Every year, our business activities rapidly expand.


We improve people’s lives. Button Palace employed some women who were either homeless or mentally disturbed. Majority of the employees come from remote villages of. The industry has provided staff quarters to those who come to our factories with their family in search of jobs.

These people are specially the victims of unemployment, youths who are not skilled laborers,  or are trained people. They narrate, “most of the firms look for experienced people and we are not absorbed anywhere due to lack of skills”.


The hardship our founder Laxmi Sharma faced evolved in her a desire to help unskilled and uneducated people, especially, the people from villages who come to our factories is search of jobs. Her determination and hard work has led us to establish this industry. The motto of Button Palace is:

“Where Hope for Survival is Provided through Skill-Development.”

Thus, we have already trained more than 4000 people (15% were handicapped) by providing them nominal allowance rather than charging fee. On an average, we use 5%of our profit for social welfare activities.

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“Where Hope for Survival is Provided through Skill-Development.”

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