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Art Carving

Our Masterpieces

Button Palace produces unique and unrepeatable art carving from various natural materials such as wood, stone, marble, bones and horns of
animals, coconut-shell, peach seed, dried twigs and branches, bamboo, and other eco-friendly and durable materials. 

Our art carving are very popular in all corners of the world. These items make an excellent collectible product and highly appreciated by lovers of arts. Button Palace is famous and popular for its quality and solid art carving. Collectors from all corners of the world prefer our production. Art houses and collectible stores from the USA and Europe export our production too. 

Hand Made

Button Palace art carving is made by hands of our professional and experienced masters. Each of these items is a product of hard work, dedication, and artistic mastery. Each of these items is unique and perfect in its design and quality. 

Our clients buy our art carving not for practicality, but for the artistic work involved into creation of our products. In other words, our art carving are pieces of luxury. All art carving at Button Palace is exclusively hand made. Before the manufacturing phase, our team of designer create a unique design that will soon take a solid shape and form with hands of our artisans. 

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