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Brief Guide to Natural Buttons

In addition to wood buttons, corozo button, and shell buttons, there are other kinds of natural buttons, such as stone buttons, ceramic buttons and jewel buttons. Although these special buttons are relatively small in quantity, they still have certain market due to their unique characteristics and the demand of personalized clothing.

Stone Buttons

At present, the majority of stone buttons are marble buttons, which have realized the batch mechanical production. The main advantages of stone buttons are their high rigidity, abrasive resistance and high temperature resistance. Besides, they are resistant to organic solvent and are not easy to be corroded by ordinary concentration of acid and base. As for the appearance, stone buttons are featured with various natural textures, which can be used for special clothing.

Ceramic Buttons

Ceramic buttons can be classified into two kinds, including normal type and special type. Normal ceramic buttons are made of ordinary ceramic materials through sintering and glazing. Then they will go through surface decoration and finally be combined with metal base. As for special ceramic buttons, they are made of high strength ceramic materials such as zirconia after high pressure molding and sintering.

The main reason of the popularity of Ceramic buttons lies in their splendid surface effect, bright color and excellent brightness, which can providing an outstanding decorative effect. In addition, ceramic materials have strong surface hardness and excellent abrasive resistance. However, limited by the production mode and technology level, their production volume is small and the cost is high.

Jewel Buttons

Natural jewels belongs to rare and advanced adornment materials, seldom used in the production of buttons. At present, the main gemstones used in button production are some low-grade gemstones and artificial crystals. Here are the main features of jewel buttons.

  • Natural jewel buttons are rare and precious, which can improve the value of a garment.
  • Natural jewel buttons possess better physical properties like strong abrasive resistance and washing resistance.
  • Natural jewel buttons provide an exquisite ornamental effect.

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