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Classification of Resin Buttons

Unsaturated polyester resin button, or simply resin button for short, can be divided into the following 5 categories according to different processing methods and product characteristics, consisting of sheet button, rod button, die-casting pearl lustre button, centrifugal mould button and buckle.

Sheet Button

Sheet button is made by a special centrifuge. Firstly, fully mixed resin is poured into the rotating centrifugal bucket and 30 minutes later, it will turn to be soft glue due to chemical reaction. Then cut resin into sheets and put resin sheets on the punching machine to form buttons.

Generally, the majority of sheet buttons are imitation shellfish buttons appealing us with pearl luster or striated texture. If buttons are large enough, their multi-layer structure with distinct layers will be clearly visible. Besides, sheet buttons have other advantages including rapid production speed, short production cycle and high strength.

Rod Button

Different from sheet button, rod button is poured by a W – shaped pipe. Pour the completely mixed resin into the waxed aluminum tube through a special oscillator. When the resin become soft glue, pull out the resin stick from the aluminum tube and then cut it into slices.

This manufacturing process gives rod button a variety of specific patterns like different smooth lines or various patterns of flowers and plants. However, the patterns of rod button from the same mould pipe have slight differences due to different positions.

Die-casting Pearl Lustre Button

Die-casting pearl lustre button is a hot-pressed button with high temperature resistance, belonging to imitation shellfish button. The lustre of this button are mainly classified into singe lustre, double lustre, multicolored lustre, etc. With stronger strength than normal resin button, it is more suitable for clothing which need frequent washing like shirts.

Centrifugal Mould Button

Compared with sheet button, centrifugal mould button differs in produce process and color. Resin is injected into the rubber mould inside the centrifugal and then it is solidified to form unique buttons. Sheet button charms us with pearl luster or striated texture while centrifugal mould button also catches our sight by means of its simple single color.


Buckle is a variation of button, mainly used for windbreaker, jacket, skirt, etc. In addition, there are other special buttons like imitation horn button which has various fuzzy patterns and glossy similar to that of animal bones and horns, elegant and fashionable.

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