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Fine Fabrics

Apart from buttons, art carving, and handicrafts, Button Palace is famous for the production of high-quality fabrics. We manufacture our fabrics from natural materials. These products are very durable and attractive. We select only the finest natural materials for the production of our fabrics.

For decades, we have been successfully manufacturing and exporting our fabrics to hundreds of countries around the globe. Our clients use our fabrics mainly for textile and other processes that require long-lasting and durable fabrics. Designer brands such as Ralph Lauren and Polo use our fabrics in their clothing lines.

Individual Designs

We know that companies love individuality and uniqueness when it comes to textile and creation of fashion. Therefore, Button Palace, employs a team of talented designers who create hundreds or even thousands of unique and unrepeatable designs. The world is over-saturated with fakes and replicas. Nowadays, it is difficult and almost impossible to be unique. We understand this problem and offer our clients the right solution.

Button Palace accepts individual design requests from its clients. Dozens of the world’s most famous brands have been exporting our fabrics for several decades. We ensure quality and best client service.  

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