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Our Handicrafts

Button Palace produces handicrafts items from domestic animals’ bones and horns. exports abroad more than 7,000 exclusive handicraft items from the waste materials such as bones and horns of animals, coconut-shell, peach seed, dried twigs and branches, bamboo etc. We also produce traditional ‘Dhaka Cloth’ from handloom, paper bags, paper waistcoat etc. We also provide Pashmina and ready-made clothes from handlooms. 

Our handicrafts have different forms and sizes. Wild and domestic animals are a popular motive of our handicrafts. For corporate clients, we handcraft our production depending on their requests and demands. Your fantasy is the only limit. 

Unique Crafts

Our crafts are unique and made for collections, gifts and fashion-accessories. As physiotherapy treatment is getting popular these days, Button Palace has also been producing massage products that can be use anywhere and anytime.

Button Palace is very famous for it unrepeatable pieces of handmade handicrafts. Art collectors from all corners of the world, visit our office and factories to get unforgettable pieces of handmade art. Our employees are professional artisans with decades of experience in the science and art of handcrafting.  

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