Button Palace

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Button Palace uses bones, horns, dried twigs and branches, bamboo, coconut-shell, peach-stone/seed to make hand-made buttons, needle cases, pendants, carved bone/horn/wooden boxes, crochet hooks, baby-rattles, chopsticks, knitting needles, thimbles, tops, necklaces, artistic pens, penholders, paper weight, paper knife, candle holders, hairpins, combs, hair-clips, massage equipments and ethnic gift accessories.

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Button Palace manufactures and exports abroad more than 7,000 exclusive hand made buttons and other handicraft items from the waste materials such as bones and horns of animals, coconut-shell, peach seed, dried twigs and branches, bamboo etc. The production process is 100% handmade.

We understand that our clients are serious and demanding companies and businesses. They require unforgettable and unrepeatable button designs. This is why Button Palace employs a very talented team of professional designers who create new styles every day. While getting our production, you can be sure that you will be unique. We employ a team of talented artisans who manufacture our production with their hands.

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