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Our commitment to be more efficient and responsible is reflected in the extensive work we do to make our businesses more environmentally friendly, safer and more sustainable. And develops technologies that expand the sustainable capacity of our world.

Energy & Climate

Since 2010, our facilities have implemented more than 235 efficiency projects including building automation and controls, lighting and mechanical upgrades, saving more than $5M (annualized).


For more than 18 year, we have been exporting our eco-friendly and natural production to more than 50 countries around the world. We believe that we make the world a healthier and safer.

Human Rights

Each year, we keep over hundred of workers safer and more productive with voice-enabled software, barcode scanners, mobile computers and protective equipment.

Conflict Minerals

We pioneered automation control. So we understand complex industrial facilities, and how to create high-quality and high-performance naturals and materials.

Natural Infrastructure

We provide resources and financial support to causes around the world and encourage employee volunteerism. We regularly donate 5% of our income.

Sustainability in Action

Brief Guide to Natural Buttons

In addition to wood buttons, corozo button, and shell buttons, there are other kinds of natural buttons, such as stone buttons,…

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Handmade Paper Craft in Nepal

Traditional papermaking usually has been practiced by a family, village, or guild (Tindale and Tindate 1952; Goto 1953;…

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How to Identify Material of Antique Buttons

Colorful, informative and inspirational, the semi-annual trend report is available.

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